Fave 5 Puzzle Strike Characters

Puzzle Strike is a great vs deck-building game using chips.

It’s brings Puzzle Fighter to the tabletop.

One of the best things about the game is the character you choose to use means you have to play the game very differently.

This is my Fave 5 from this set including a brief look at each of their 3 special chips.

5 – Valerie

Valerie Puzzle Strike

One chip gives extra actions. One draws a chip and crashes a gem. One lets you choose two out of 4 actions.

The extra actions and variety in this character make her great to use.

4 –¬†Argagarg

Argagarg Puzzle Strike

One gem slows players down when combining gems. One deals out wounds. One acts like a shield.

Stopping players combining gems unless they discard a chip and putting wounds in their deck really slows them down. The Bubble Shield protects you which is great.

3 – Grave

Grave Puzzle Strike

One gives you the option of 1 out of 3 to choose from. One allows you to upgrade a chip. One lets you draw 2 chips but can also be used as a Counter Crash gem.

This guy is pretty quick. Two of the chips give you an extra action of any type, one can be used as an emergency counter crash gem. You can also trash a chip to gain a chip costing 2 more ¬†than the trashed chip… love it.

2 – Midori

Midori Puzzle Strike

One lets you raise the value of your ante to stop your chips being countered. One lets you trash a chip to gain a 2 chip. One lets you upgrade a chip if an opponent buys an expensive chip.

The Dragon Form, which lets you ante 1 higher than normal but stops your chips from being counter crashed is great. It helps you control the game a little and is immensely powerful.

1 – Jaina

Jaina Puzzle Strike

One lets you ante a chip to gain more actions and draw a chip. One is a double crash gem and you gain wounds. One lets you trash a wound to gain an action and add a wound in to opponents gem pile.

Danger Zone!

It’s a big risk to play but with massive rewards. Gaining wounds to Double Crash and using the wound to gain actions and add gems to opponents gem piles is great.

Big risks but worth it. Really fun to play.


Images are from the official Sirlin Games Website
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