Essen 2014 – Boom: Runaway

Posted on by Jesta

No bomb wants to explode.

Everyone knows they just want to go to Paradise.

This is a Push Your Luck “Black Jack” style game.

Shuffle bomb cards and deal 10-13 cards depending on play numbers to each player and shuffle the guard deck and give each player a paradise card.

Flip over a guard card, this is the guard for the round. They will be determining how many bombs they will allow to leave the factory this round.

Players pick one card, and simultaneously flip it over to help get things started.

Then, each player then selects 2 cards and places them face down and simultaneously reveal again. Now all cards have been played.

Check from Left to Right on the guard card and check each colour to see if they catch any bombs.

If the total played by all players is equal to or less than that on the guard then the player who played the highest total in that colour puts them face up on their paradise card, scoring them.

All other cards played by all players of that colour are played face down on the paradise card.

If the total is higher, the Player(s) with the highest total in that colour takes those cards back in hand and then the new total is checked against the guard card.

If a player has 2 or fewer cards in their hand the game ends, otherwise start a new round.

When the game ends, players score 1 point for each bomb in your paradise and score points equal to the value of your face up bombs.

Yet another fun quick game with interesting choices. Really looking forward to playing it more.

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