Game Rewind – July 2013

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A look at games I played for the first time in July 2013.

What do I think now?

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker First Play

The game is in two parts.

The fast, exciting, tense, timed ship building phase that has players panicking and flustered trying to build a perfect ship.

The slow, boring, long flying phase that takes too long, is not fun and is pretty dull.

I picked this up in a Maths Trade, played it 3 times and had enough. Maybe could have got the expansions but I really wasn’t up for it.

Result: Would have to be the only game available


Village First Play

I did like this at the time. there’s a lot going on and as my first ‘real’ worker placement game that I played it had a huge effect on me.

The only issue is the winner of the game we played won in a particular way. Each turn he would Slow the whole game down looking for the ‘best move’. Playing with an optimal play-bot in this way was annoying but to be fair, the way the game is set-up leads to it.

You see each resource in the game has a particular value… If I remember right a corn is worth 1 gold, a horse 2 etc. If a horse and corn are available together they are worth 3.

Having items have such a definitive value this way led to there being a clear ‘best action’… once you worked it out.

This put me off a bit, other than that is is one of my favourite games and definitely one of the better worker placement games I have played.

Result: I would play with the expansion.

Elder Sign

Elder Sign First Play

I didn’t like this a year ago.

I don’t like this now.

Result: Shortest rewind ever…


Kemet First Play

When I think about my favourite games I have played but I don’t own, two always spring to mind.

Marvel Legendary and Kemet.

I want to buy it but I worry about long term re-playability. I’ve played a few more war type games since and this is still my favourite so it might be the one I eventually get.

The upcoming expansion might help me to decide 🙂

Result: I want to play again, will pick up in a trade if possible.


Hanabi First Play

Some games require the right people. Games with hidden information need people who want to play a game, play fair and know how to not mess things up.

This game absolutely needs those people. You can’t nod your head, cough, add emphasis or even go “ooooo” when someone starts to discard the wrong card.

The game NEEDS to be played on a level playing field with all players making that, and I hate this term, ‘Social Contract’ to win together or lose fairly.

Luckily I haven’t played with anyone who wants to drop subtle hints and win.

As it won Spiel De Jahres 2013 by friend bought it at Essen and we played it several times since.

Result: As long as I don’t have a headache, I’ll play it 🙂


Batavia First Play

Well this game has a few good parts.

The trading/set collection part is great. That ‘Tokaido’ mechanic of moving as far up the path as you like but this causing yo u to miss resources is great, I love that.

The various different ways of scoring with sets of companies/commodities is cool.

the Pirate mechanic that stops someone running away with one Companies trade orders is very good and fun.

The winner of the auction paying their money to each other player is nice, keep the game balance. But sadly the auctions are sloooow. I’d prefer to see a one of ‘blind bid’ where everyone reveals how much they bid at the same time, highest wins. Instead we have this ‘I bid 1’, ‘I bid 2’… (5 minutes later)… ‘I bid 12’… ‘erm… erm… ok, you can have them for 12’.

Slows the game down a lot. But despite that it is a good game.

Result: I would like to play this again.

Letters from Whitechapel

Letters from Whitechapel First Play

This is the only one of those hidden movement games I have played. I’ve heard good things about others like Fury of Dracula etc but I’ve never had the chance to play them.

This was… OK. I have a feeling it was made good by the group of players I played with. They made it fun.

It seemed a bit ‘hit and hope’, just moving around and trying to work out where Jack is. It got a little samey after a short while.

Result: I’d rather play one of the other games in this genre.


Bang! First Play


Result: See Bang the Dice Game


Giants First Play

This type of game has a lot of competition. While the theme is pretty cool there are so many better.

In fact, I don’t usually forget a game after I’ve played it but this was fairly forgettable.

I do remember the nice little bits like placing the wooden rollers to move stuff and things like that, but not much else.

Result: I’ll pass.

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