Game Rewind – February 2015

A look back at games I played for the first time in February 2014.

Not too much to shout about here…

XCOM: The Board Game


A nice co-op game based on the computer game. The play is directed by an app and it does it well. The app is required as it changes events and difficulty in a way a deck of cards wouldn’t be able to do.

I’ve played it a couple of times but I haven’t played it for ages. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t feel like playing it.

Result: Probably had enough of this now.



A quite nice abstract tile placement game

Another one I’ve had enough of and it made way on my shelf for another abstract puzzle.

Result: I’ve played it enough.



Another app driven game but this time it’s a problem solving worker placement game.

I do enjoy it despite being terrible at it 🙂

Result: I would play it again if in the right mood.



A game where negotiation is pretty much the whole game.

The problem is, if wheeling and dealing isn’t your thing then you might not like this… unfortunately I don’t.

Result: Good game, but I’m too nice to be effective 🙂

Caverna: The Cave Farmers


A nice re-theme of Agricola where you’re mining and exploring caves and building rooms for your Dwarf family.

While I like it more than Agricola, it’s still not my kind of game.

Result: Prefer other worker placement games.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Box


Fantastic dice placement game and probably my favourite Feld game.

The best thing is the balance between the 3 dice you roll so if you roll 111 and I roll 666 every time I won’t necessarily win, unlike games like Kingsburg.

I have played it again since and enjoyed it again.

Result: Might join my collection one day.
Update: Picked it up just after I posted this in a Maths Trade 😀

Malifaux 2E


A very nice card driven tabletop miniatures skirmish game with a beautiful yet horrific theme.

I don’t really know anyone who plays it now sadly so my Squads sit in a draw…

Result: If I had the people I’d play it…

Star Wars: Imperial Assault


I’m not a fan of 1 vs many games, or Star Wars.

Result: I’d prefer a fully co-op game like Myth or a fully versus game like Arcadia Quest.

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