Game Rewind – December 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in December 2015.

A pretty good month!


Jamaica First Play

Fantastic pirate themed racing game where you sail around an island attacking each other.

This is done by playing cards with 2 values to move and dice combat to attack the other players and steal their stuff!

Result: Own it, love it.

Battle Sheep

Battle Sheep First Play

Interesting abstract game of moving pile of sheep around a field to control as many spaces as possible while blocking your opponents in.

Result: Good, but not good enough.

Fury of Dracula (Third Edition)

Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition First Play

1 vs many hidden movement game where the 1 is a hidden Dracula and the many are moving around Europe trying to catch him.

Result: Too long for me..

Spit it Out!

Spit it out! First Play

Quite fun party game where you answer very easy question as quickly as possible, but some need to be answered incorrectly… but in the right spirit. (If the answer is Red, the answer will need to be any colour other than Red…)

Result: Not bad, but the rules are too loose to be a fun party game

Pie Face

Pie Face First Play

Simple game where you put cream on a stick and someone will get it thrown in their face… Good for families and drunks at parties I guess.

Result: Not bad, but better party games are available.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens First Play

Random game with fun art, not for me.

Result: No thanks! 🙂

Challenge Night

Challenge Night First Play

Fun party game that mixes up a lot of different modes like humming, miming, trivia and even Jenga.

Result: Very much a party game for an actual party.

El Grande Big Box

El Grande Big Box First Play

Moving mini-meeples around Spain to control regions and score points.

Still the best area control game around and this updated version with all the mini-expansions for variability and upgraded components in great.

Although the box really is a ‘Big Bog’ it’s well worth the shelf space.

Result: Great game, staying in  my collection.


Mottainai First Play

Very good, small and quick game in the same line as Glory to Rome and Uchronia.

It also has very pretty artwork but as cute as it looks this is a TOUGH game to learn and play.

Result: LOVE to play it, HATE to teach it.

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