Game Rewind – May 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in May 2015.

A bit of a mixed bag this month.

Argent: The Consortium

Argent the Consortium Box


A fantastic worker placement game were you are trying to gain the favour of the consortium to become the new Chancellor of Argent University.

The theme makes this game for me, I just prefer a fun theme to my worker placement games.

The multiple spaces for each room of the University, the amount of rooms available, your workers having abilities,  the variety of the spells, items and things available is amazing.

Each game has already felt different and I own the expansion and I haven’t even played it yet…

Result: Own it, love it.


Xenoshyft Onslaught

First Play

A very nice co-op deck building style card game where you play Soldiers and equip them to defend your base from incoming monsters…

It’s got some great ideas where you NEED to cooperate more than almost any other game and some cards, when used to help your opponent, go into their deck… Great idea.

But because so much team work is required the game can take 45+ minutes per player. PER PLAYER!

The game is too light to last that long.

Result: Good idea, but not for me.


Walk the Plank!

First Play

A very fun, light game of manipulating your Pirates, other players Pirates and the Plank to sink them into the sea while keeping yours on board.

It’s very fun and very light.

Result: I would play this again.


Welcome to the Dungeon


A neat little push your luck type game where all players share an adventurer going into a dungeon. On your turn you draw a monster card and look at it. You then either add it to the Dungeon, or remove it from the Dungeon and remove a piece of equipment the Adventurer has available.

If you think the Dungeon is looking too dangerous you can pass and drop out. The last player in has to use the Adventurer with the Equipment left  to overcome all the monsters in the Dungeon.

Fail at this twice and you’re out, succeed twice and you win.

It’s a nice and quick game and is very tough despite looking cute with that IELLO artwork.

Result: Not my go to filler but it’s still in my collection and it’s a good option to have.



Evolution Box

First Play

A nice hand management game where you evolve animals in size, ability and number in order to get them to survive by battling for food and avoiding other players carnivores. We all gotta eat 🙂

It’s thematic in that the abilities work well together… So giving an animal a hard shell or the ability to climb will make them harder to eat. It’s all about eating too, you eat to survive and keep your animal on the table but you also eat for points.

Result: Very good game, I’d like to play with the many expansion.


Xia: Legends of a Drift System

First Play

A very nice sandbox space adventure where you trying to reach a point total first and you can score points in multiple ways.

The components are great but the game runs a little long and I’d rather play something else.

Result: Nice, but space isn’t my thing.



First Play

A very popular deck building game where you use tokens instead of cards to do things…

I really didn’t like this and I felt there was plenty of other games I’d rather play.

Result: A bit dull, pass.



Tichu Box


A classic trick-taking game with partnerships that is easy to play but hard to play well.

In this 4 player game you sit across from your partner and can play cards into the trick or pass and you go around the table until the trick can’t be beat (or the players don’t want to win it)

There are a few special cards that you need to keep your eye on

Result: Fantastic game.



Elysium Box


A very good and tense game where you’re drafting cards into your Domain to use their abilities and/or to add to your Elysium to score points.

You have 4 columns in 4 different colours and each card requires you have 1 or 2 of those columns available to be able to take it. When you take a card you put a column aside reducing the cards you can take in future rounds.

The trick is you get punished for not being able to take a card (or a turn order token) so you need to make sure you can as often as possible.

It’s very clever, very restrictive and quite ‘take that’ as you screw your opponents out of getting the only thing they could have got.

The art is great, shame the cards have so much text and there’s so many of them…

Result: Still own this and I don’t see that changing.


Brew Crafters

First Play

An interesting game of brewing beer.

LOTS of chits and things and not a theme I care about.

It had a pretty good system of moving the beer through the production process and out for delivery.

Result:Plenty of other Euros to play


Movie Plotz

First Play

An interesting and fun story telling game with memory…

It’s limited but it’s more of a passtime than a game anyway.

Result:Not my kind of game but fun for what it is.



Royals Box

First Play

A very simple game of drafting cards to collect sets of colours to control regions on a map. You’re trying to hold these regions to score at various intervals.

The card collection and the way you spend them to place a marker is very much like Ticket to Ride. Scoring is based on a majority system.

Result: I would own this if I didn’t have El Grande


Tension: The Crazy Naming Game

First Play

An interesting party game where you’re naming as many thing from a list of 10 from a certain category against the clock.

It’s quick and fun and involves you thinking about things in a different way which is always good.

Result: Not too bad for a party game.


Lady Alice

First Play

A deduction game set in the Sherlock Holmes universe.

I don’t remember much but I remember it being difficult to remember all the information, which is a good thing.

The bits were nice and the way the game is played is fun so that’s good.

Result:Not a bad one, just not memorable.


Pass the Bomb

First Play

A weird word game where you have to name a word to pass the bomb. If the bomb explodes on you you’re out.

The definition of “High Street Store Party Game”

Result: Too many options to put this to the front of the list.



First Play

A very fun speed game where you have to name something from the category on your card before the other player with a matching icon can do the same.

When a card is flipped, you need to see if the icon on it matches your card and if it does you have to be faster than the other player to get a point.

Good game… sadly its all everyone wanted to play for a long time and I’m bored of it. See here and here for more examples.

Result: Good game, but over played.

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