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An area control, action selection game.

Title: Tomorrow

Year Published: 2013

Designer: Dirk Knemeyer

Publisher: Conquistador Games, Inc.

Players: 2-6

Game Time: ~90 Mins

Set-up Time: >5 Mins

Ages: 12+

Theme: Future Earth

Mechanic: Area Control, Action Selection, Take That, Variable Player Powers

How to win: Gain the most Political Capital.

Game Description

 It is a few years in the future and the nations of the world concur with the opinion of an unprecedented number of leading scientists: a combination of overpopulation, environmental change, and resource depletion has put the human species at imminent and dire risk. Something needs to be done – but what? In the span of a few weeks, top advisers and experts in each major world power conclude that the only way their people – and, indeed, all of humanity – will survive is via dramatic and immediate global de-population. With no one wanting to put their own people at risk, it will take aggressive and even inhumane acts to somehow save the world.

Set Up

Place the board on the table, place the colour pawns in each region shown on the board. Place the death marker on the X on the yellow row and shuffle the disease, red, black and yellow cards and put them next to the board.

Tomorrow Game Board

Randomly take 9 event cards and create the event deck, return the other 3 to the box.

Choose Major Powers but remove India in a 5 player game and the Arab Caliphate in a 4 player game.

Each player takes their super powers cards and markers and puts the turn order marker near the turn order track.

Give China the cyber card, placing one cyber marker face down secretly on it.

Tomorrow Cyber Space Card

Deal out disease cards to each player based on the number shown on their Super Power card.

Game Play

The game is played over 5 phases.

1 – Event Phase
Reveal the event card and resolve the event that matches the colour on the death track.

2 – Cyberspace Phase
The controller of the cybercard can do one of 3 things…
Decide if they wish to determine turn order (Taking this away from the EU who has this action by default)
Take a strategy card from the deck correlating to where the death marker is on the threat track.
Steal a random unused strategy card from another player.

3 – Action Allocation Phase
Each player secretly selects two action cards and places them face down. I’ll explain actions in the Round Up.

4 – Action Resolution Phase
The EU (or cybercard holder) chooses who will go first and put that players marker on the 1 spot on the turn order track. That player plays an action card or passes.
Then, the player determining turn order chooses who will go second and they play or pass etc etc
When players have taken their first action, turn order remains the same for round 2.

5 – Refresh Phase
Refresh cyber markers, action cards and military control markers. Players may choose to remove/add control markers from minor powers they control.

Game End

If after 9 turns players have not reached the target on the death track, all players lose due to the world suffering from over population.
If the tracker ever goes up to the yellow skull , the world over populates and all players lose.
When the death track reaches the end, the world is saved!
Score points from the winning card with ties are resolved from top to bottom on the “Winning” card

Round Up

This is a fun game with a fun theme. Taking the actions in the action phase is tense, knowing you can get them countered or if someone targets you you’ll lose a fair few points.

If you control India, the Arab Caliphate or China you tend to get targeted a lot due to the mass of population in your area.

So what are the actions?


Upon revealing a biologicals card as an action to attack, declare that you are unleashing a disease and put a Disease card from your hand face down on top of it.

Tomorrow Biological

At this point, players have a chance to counter, if not, the biological attack goes ahead and THEN the disease and target are revealed.

The disease card shows you the ‘Immediate Annihilation’, how far it spreads and it’s ‘Spread Annihilation… So many diseases kill, spread, skill some more… mostly based on a die roll.


Nukes are bad… obviously. They really shouldn’t be used, only as a threat or retaliation for a broken promise.

Tomorrow Nuke

When you Nuke you don’t claim kills and you do not lower the death marker but instead it is increased by three due to the wasteland created.

You place a nuke marker on the target to signify that it has been nuked and each nuke marker costs the victim three points of political capital and each nuke launched costs the attacker three political capital as well.


You may use your military in one of two ways – Attack or Support
Attack – Allows you to invade a minor power anywhere on the board, uncontrolled or controlled.
Support – Played out-of-turn against another player’s attempt to use a military attack action.

Tomorrow Military

Having military control of regions allows you to draw powerful strategy cards.


Block Biological or Terror attack. You can even block another players Espionage if you wish.


Attempt to take control of the Cybercard by ‘guessing’ which token they have on the card. If you’re right you get it.

Each pawn represents 70 million people which gives you something to think about when your Biological attack takes out 5 Pawns. But, to win the game you have to get rid of them so as they start to disappear and the Threat track drops the world becomes a better place 🙂

The only downside to the game is that you can get a lot of your stuff countered by espionage and spend a lot of the game doing nothing.

But other than that this is a fun game of simulated mass genocide, negotiation and semi-coop game play.


A good one.

I give it 7/10

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