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A Take That, Card and Dice game.

Title: Looterz

Year Published: Looterz

Designer: Fel Barros, Marco Portugal

Publisher: CMON Limited

Players: 2-6

Game Time: 15-30 mins

Set-up Time: ~1 Min

Ages: 10+

Theme: Fantasy Dungeon

Mechanic: Take That, Dice Rolling

How to win: Gain the amount of Loot required.

Game Description

In Looterz, players are racing to collect the most loot possible by recruiting a team of Looterz. Your loot is never safe though as many Looterz have the ability to steal Loot from other players.

Set Up

Choose a start player, give them 3 cards and give 4 to everyone else…

That is it!

Game Play

Play goes clockwise with each turn consisting of 4 phases: Recruitment, Dungeon, Recruitment (again) and Sacrifice.

In the first Recruitment Phase, players play a Looter from their hand or draw a card. If they play a Looter, they add a number of life tokens to the card equal to the number of Heart symbols.

Then the Dungeon Phase, players take one action with each of their Looterz in any order: Search, Attack or Use Special Ability.

Search – Roll 1 die per the Looterz current life total. If they roll equal to or under their power, gain a Loot token.

The Dragonling has 2 health so rolls 2 dice. As it has a loot value of 3, it gets 1 Loot for the 3 it rolled.

Attack – Declare a Looter as a target (even your own if you want) and roll 1 die per the attacking Looterz current life total. If they roll equal to or under their own power, deal a Damage.

Use Ability – Any Looter with an ‘Activation’ ability, just do it.

The second Recruitment Phase, is the same as the first. Play a Looter from your hand or draw a card. Remember to add a number of life tokens to the newly recruited Looter.

Next comes the Sacrifice Phase, it’s not as harsh as it sound, you just discard down to 3 Looterz in play and 10 cards in hand if required.

Play continues clockwise.

Game End

The game ends immediately when a player has 7-15 Loot depending on the player count.

Round Up

A very simple yet enjoyable game with great production.

Every turn you have to choose to Recruit a Looter or Draw a Card… Twice. It’s not that easy to know what to do…

Also, Attack, Loot or Activate? Loot seems like the obvious choice unless your activation ability is really useful. But if you don’t attack opponents their big stompy types will have more dice to Attack/Loot with so what do you do?

Some of the abilities on the Looterz are very powerful including wiping all the Looterz in play, but it’s just silly fun, have a laugh!

Plus, Jester 😀 (and pretty much all my favourite character types :))


Excellent fun and crazy filler.

I give it 8/10

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  1. Fel Barros says:

    Hi Jesta! Really glad you enjoyed Looterz!
    It is always a blast to read such enjoying reviews. Keep an eye for Gekido, my next game with CMON!

    Have a good one,

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