Review – King Frog

An action programming, racing game.

Title: King Frog

Year Published: 2016

Designer: Günter Burkhardt, Dennis Kirps

Publisher: Brain Games

Players: 2-4

Game Time: ~15 mins

Set-up Time: ~1 min

Ages: 7+

Theme: The land of ‘The Pond’

Mechanisms: Action Programming, Simultaneous Action Selection, Player Elimination, Racing

How to win: Be the last Frog left in play or overtake the Frog at the back of the race.

Game Description

“Quibbit! Quibbit!” The frogs are croaking loudly over each other, and their pond is in a flurry of commotion because today is the day the king of frogs will be chosen.

Set Up, Game Play & Game End

Round Up

Don’t be fooled by the fact this is a kids game, it’s from the makers of Ice Cool and that had super wide appeal too…

I just love the ease of play but the pure doubt you have in EVERY move.

You think…

“My lily pad is 3 spaces away, I’ll play a 3.”

“But that player is 2 spaces away from their lily pad and if they play a 2 they’ll move in front of me so my 3 will now move me 1 space too far.

“I COULD play my 1 and hope other people move in front of me, oh wait, I lost my 1 card last turn… argh!”

I do like it when you know you can’t land on a pad of your colour you can look and think, “OK, who do I screw over this turn?” 🙂

The components are VERY nice.

People have said it’s random and if that is so, why do the same people keep winning?


Such a fun FUN game!

I give it 8/10

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