Review – Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!

A memory, hand management game.

Title: Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!

Year Published: 2013

Designer: David Luis Sanhueza

Publisher: Game Salute

Players: 1-4

Game Time: 15+ Mins

Set-up Time: >10 Mins

Ages: 6+

Theme: Fantasy

Mechanic: Memory, Set Collection, Hand Management

How to win: Gain 6 Fairies or have 0 Goblins.

Game Description

For a long, long time, goblins and fairies have lived in a magical world right beneath our noses. If you look hard enough, you can find rings of mushrooms, called “fairy rings”, which act as doors between their world and ours. Today, a gang of mischievous goblins escaped from the fairy ring, and it is up to the players to send them back before they cause trouble! But an ancient spell of rhymes which transforms goblins into fairies and fairies into goblins makes this a trickier task than you might think…

Set Up

Deal 4 Goblins to each player.

Deal 4 Fairies into the middle of the table to create the “Fairy Circle”.

Remove all other cards from the game.

Randomly determine a start player.

Goblins Drool fairies Rule Setup

How your set up might look at the start of the game.

Game Play

Add one of your cards to the Fairy Ring.

Flip any card that Rhymes with the card you added.

Take any cards that share a symbol with the card you added, but not the card you added.

If a Star Card is added to the middle of the table, all other cards are flipped.

Play continues to the left.

Game End

At the end of a players turn, if they have 0 Goblins or 6 Fairies, they win.

Round Up

Yeah it’s a kids game. But the play time is so short that adults get quite competitive. Turns are fast so time goes quickly while playing it.


Doesn’t quite have that ‘Love Letter’ effect but still fun.

I give it 3/10

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