UK Games Expo – Shadows Over Camelot

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Shadows over Camelot is a hidden role, bluffing memory game.

It’s very different.

Roles are dealt out, someone is a hidden bad guy.

Each player reveals a card from the top of a deck which essentially has 5 suits numbered 2 to 5.

Each suit also has a ? card which is the square root of each ? card for that suit revealed so far.

You reveal cards from the top of the deck covering the ones underneath. The goal is to remember when one of the suits totals 11, 12 or 13 and go on the quest for that suit.

If it does you win and gain X white swords depending on the suit.If it doesn’t you lose and gain X black swords depending on the suit.

So lots of maths.

Shadows Over Camelot Gameplay

The goal of the hidden bad guy is to bluff and make sure the team go on the mission while it is OVER the goal total.

It’s not that impressive.

There are Morgana cards that can be revealed that have several effects the most important being that no one is allowed to communicate in any way until a Merlin card is revealed.

That made the game interesting as out of the 6 of us, 5 hadn’t played and the first card out was Morgana.

Merlin cards do stuff too, usually to help you in some way.

It wasn’t great but we had fun and it was good playing with new people.

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