UK Games Expo 2016 – Nine Worlds

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Sliding Beads on a board to control the Nine Worlds.

Oh, and counting action points in your head.

To win, you need to score the most points throughout the game after 9 rounds of play.

Nine Worlds Board

So this is an action point game, the start player gets 1 more action point that everyone else and you can take beads from your supply to your player board, put beads from your player board onto the main board on the world where your Obelisk is or move your Obelisk to a different World all for 1 point each.

There are other things you can do and you get a handy reference sheet for all the actions.

Nine Worlds Cheat Sheet

If there are ever more than 5 beads on a World you fight. This is done by removing 1 bead at a time until you get down to 5 on that world but they are removed in turn order starting with the start player.

After a round you go through each world in number order performing their ability which is controlled by the player who controls that world.

Nine Worlds Character

After 3,6 and 9 rounds you score points for controlling worlds, having beads on the board etc

Most points wins.

I like it, it’s simple yet very competitive and quite take that for a simple game. With a bit of dev work and top end components I can see this being a popular game.

One to look for in the future to see how it’s developed.

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