UK Games Expo 2016 – Imhotep

Posted on by Jesta

1000’s of people, only 1 demo copy…

So I bought it…

I had watched reviews and things before hand so it wasn’t a blind purchase. Also, after seeing how big the cubes are and all the different cards I thought it was worth a go.

Imhotep Setup

Each player will score points by loading stones of their colour onto boats and sailing those boats to destinations where the stones will be used.

You start with a couple of stones and you flip over a card telling you how many boats of what size will be used this round.

Imhotep Boat Cards

On your turn you can do 1 of 3 things…

Firstly, take 3 stones from the supply and put them on your Sled card. You have a max capacity of 5 and you can’t go over it.

Imhotep Tile

Secondly, put a stone on a boat, any boat and in any position on that boat.

Imhotep Boats

Lastly, if the number of stones meets the minimum requirement printed on the boat to sail, you can move it to one of the ports and unload…

Imhotep Gameplay

The board has 5 ports and each is different.. (The boards are double sided too and each is different but we just played the basic) Each boat is unloaded starting with the stone at the front and going backwards, this is important 🙂

The Market lets you draft cards from the 4 made available. Some give end game scoring while some give special abilities you can use each round or one off. You draft in the order the stones are unloaded.

Imhotep Market

The Pyramid sees you building a, well, Pyramid. You place Stones off the ship in the order they arrive in the order the board tells you to. You’re building up 3 layers of a Pyramid and each space is worth a number of points which you score immediately.

Imhotep Pyramids

The Temple is 4 stones wide and again you place them in the order they come off the boat one row at a time. When a row is full you start a new one on top of it. At the end of a round you score a point for each of your bricks visible from above.

Imhotep Temple

The Burial Chamber is similar but you’re building columns and you score for connected runs of stones at the end of the game.

Imhotep Burial Chamber

Finally the Obelisk, where each player is building their own tower of Stones and the player with the highest Obelisk will score the most points.

Imhotep Obelisks

At the end of a round you put 4 new cards in the Market, draw a new boat card and go again.

At the end of the game the most points wins.

Imhotep Board

Happy with this one, we only played 2 player and I thought it worked really well so I’m looking to give 4 players a go and compete against 3 other people.

A fun game I’m glad I won right now.

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