UK Games Expo 2016 – Celestia

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Push your luck in an Airship.

You can always Jetpack to safety though!

You win by pushing your luck and scoring the most points by visiting the higher value cities.

You start with the players pawns in a 3D cardboard airship and you have a hand of cards.

Celestia Ship

You choose a captain, they roll 2 dice…

In player order, you have to decide if the Captain can discard cards from their hand that matches the symbols on the dice to ‘defeat’ the challenges.

If you don’t think they can, you put your Pawn on the city the ship is currently on and you’re out the round.

If you think they will, you stay in and see what the captain says.

If the Captain CAN defeat the challenges they discard the relevant cards and the Airship moves forward one space. The next player is now the Captain and the number of dice rolled increase as the Airship moves forward to a maximum of 4.

Celestia Player Cards

If the Captain can’t defeat the challenges, everyone in the ship loses out on everything this round and everyone that jumped out gets a card form that city which is worth a number of points. The values increase the further the Airship goes.

You then all start back at the beginning with a new round.

When a player gets to 50+ points at the end of a round the player with the most points wins.

Celestia Layout

Some of the cards give you abilities like being able to Jetpack out a ship that’s crashing to score points, or passing a failed test, or re-rolling dice…

We demoed this at the booth AFTER I bought it, it was on my Wishlist on BGG and it wasn’t expensive so I thought why not.

Overall I like it, it has a quick play time, wide appeal, lots of laughs and most importantly, is better than Incan Gold.

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