UK Games Expo 2016 – Adrenaline

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Prototype at the CGE booth at the UK Games Expo 2016.

A fast paced FPS for 2-5 players.

Each player has a character and your goal is to score the most points… Points are awarded for getting the first hit on someone, dealing a majority of the damage to them before they are killed, as well as getting a majority of kills.

Adrenaline Player Pieces

For this you take two actions on your turn, any two and you can take the same one more than once.

One is move up to 3 spaces. The board has big chunky spaces like a lot of games now but you still can’t move diagonally, even in a room.

Adrenaline Board

You can move and pick up, and you HAVE to move before you pick up. You have tiles placed around the arena for ammo pick ups which give you various amounts of the 3 different ammo types, currently represented by cubes.

This can also let you draw cards as well as cubes and these cards have abilities like ‘reload for free’, ‘Teleport’ etc Typical FPS stuff.

Adrenaline Cards

You can also pick up a weapon from those available if you’re on a weapon spawn space but you can only have 3 weapons so if you pick up more than that you have to drop one. Weapons have 2 values on them, the pick up cost and the reload cost so you have to be able to pay the amount in cubes (ammo) to pick a weapon up.

Adrenaline Weapons

The last thing you can do is attack someone and I say attack rather than shoot because you do have melee weapons. To do this they must be in line of sight which is a straight forward thing involving doors and corners that made sense and even gives you the ability to hide behind a door shooting out but they can’t shoot in. 😀

You declare the weapon, declare the target and attack. Attacking is usually free for the base attack but most weapons have a special attack that you need to be able to pay a certain combination of ammo for.

You damage an opponent by putting a number of tokens of your colour on their damage track. As you take damage you get extra abilities as the ‘Adrenaline’ boosts you, hence the name of the game. These let you move twice before picking up and most importantly, it lets you move and shoot.

Adrenaline Player Board

When a player dies you score based on what happened. If you dealt the first damage you get a point, if you deal the most damage to the target you get the point value they’re worth for killing them.

Adrenaline Death Skull

If you deal the killing blow you put a token of your colour on a track to show you got a kill and your token replaces a skull which goes onto the fragged players board, reducing their ‘value’ next time they die. If you kill them you put 1 token on them, if you overkill them by dealing at least one damage more than their max health you add 2 tokens.

At the end of your turn you can pay cubes to reload any weapons you have and the next player goes.

Once a number of deaths has occurred the game ends. You score points for having the most tokens on the kill track, most points wins.

As we played, we were the first to play it at the weekend and the demo crew were learning the rules and the recent rules changes as we went along. So, the game felt clunky but as we got going turns were quick. No dice rolls, you just say you’re attacking, spend ammo and hand over your tokens, easy.

It’s pretty good and I can see it selling on the theme but lasting for the components so I’m looking forward to the final version. It will also be streamlined more and more I assume.

One to look for in the future.

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