UK Games Expo 2015 – Codenames

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A prototype from Vlaada Chvatil.

Sooo good!

This is a team game where two teams of spies and their master spy try to find words before the opposing teams.

There is a 5×5 grid of 25 word cards and each Master Spy can see which word in the grid relates to each player colour using a colour coded grid on a stand.

Each master spy takes turns saying one word AND one number only to try and get their teams to pick the right word/s.

Codenames Layout

We stopped by the booth and had the game explained and went back later to play. We were told 2 different versions.

The first time you could say any word and any number to try and get you team to guess the right words on the grid.

The second time you could say any word and any number but the number relates to how many words your team should be able to get from the word clue.

We played it the second way and it was good but I can see the other way being pretty good too.

This is the grid the master spy can see.

Codenames Board

Obviously the Red/Blue blocks are for each team. The Yellowish squares are neutral ‘civilian’ and the black square is an assassin… If your team picks this square you lose automatically.

This is a great game that will be out at GenCon so I’m hoping to pick this up when it’s out over here… It’s a CGE game so I’m guessing Essen.

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