Top 5 Crazy Games for Essen 2014

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Putting on handcuffs, bombs in paradise and magical cats…

Some games at Essen this year are just plain weird…

5 – Lap Dance

Lap Dance

No controversy whatsoever!

I want to own this just so I can throw it in my bag with Five Tribes and Tomorrow to see how people react 🙂 “You’re not keen on lap dancing? How about Slavery and Mass Genocide?” 🙂

I love that someone asked for the rules in the BGG forum and someone replied “No Touching” 🙂

Seriously though, I have to play this just to see what the actual game is like.

4 – Boom Bokken

Boom Bokken

A bomb theme but this time it’s a ‘hot potato’ style game.

During the game, players play a card featuring a number between 1 and 8. As they do so, they instruct the next player (designated by them) to play a card that is «higher» or «lower» than the card they have just played. If the designated player cannot play a higher or lower card as called, the bomb explodes and the player is out of the game for the rest of the round.

Sounds like a bit of crazy fun…

3 – Boom: Runaway

Boom Runaway

Another Bomb theme and a game I’ve already bought this based on game play… It’s a neat little card game.

But the theme sees you trying to help bombs escape a factory so they can relax in paradise rather than exploding… A guard tries to stop them escaping.

2 – Fatal Rendez Vous

Fatal Rendez Vous

Comes with a Bow Tie and Handcuffs and involves spinning in circles and winking…

Fatal Rendez Vous plays a bit like Werewolf, with most players belonging to one group while one or more of them secretly work against the group. Each player receives a role card at the start of play. Each night in the game, while everyone has their eyes closed, one of the secret assassins taps another player on the shoulder; this player counts to ten, then dies. Day comes, and everyone runs around in a tizzy — specifically turning in circles three times — during which time the other assassin winks at someone, killing that person as well.

The guests handcuff two players during the day, and those two players take no actions for the next day. This pattern continues until three days pass. If the assassins have been handcuffed together during the weekend, then the other guests win, having captured the evildoers; if not, however, the assassins claim the victory.

Now this does sound like crazy fun, sadly the rules for 9 or less players are quite boring and standard otherwise I would find this hard to resist. But at just 18 Euro you never know 😉

1 – Magic Cat

Magic Cat


One player starts as the first magician and says a spell of some kind starting with the word “Start” and ending with whatever she wants to say, e.g., “(werewolf howl)”. The other players, in any order, try to say “First (werewolf howl)”, “Second (werewolf howl)”, etc., but they can’t say something at the same time as another player; if they do, or if someone says the wrong thing, then the round ends and those magicians receive a curse token worth -1 point.

How can you not like the sound of that? This game sounds insane! 23 Euro… I’m going to find it VERY hard to not come home with this!


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