TableTop Day – Genegrafter

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Second game we played for TableTop Day was Genegrafter.

In Genegrafter you fight with your characters against your opponents characters and win/lose with dice rolls.

Sadly, the ‘play test’ gene wasn’t available.

So you draw cards, play a guy down, choose a guy and fight someone else’s guy, play cards to increase your dice, your opponent does the same, each players roll the dice, highest wins.

You then usually win the opponents card and it goes into your gene-pool. Whoever has the highest gene pool at the end of the game wins.

Genegrafter in Action

So there you go. That’s pretty much it…

Oh wait, event cards. There are event cards that you play immediately then draw another card. There is an action card that swaps the smallest gene-pool with the highest, I was the smallest.

I drew it.
I played it.
My gene-pool was smallest.
My gene-pool was then biggest.
2 turns later the game ended and I won.

Everyone was disappointed. Here is my winning gene-pool.

Genegrafter Winning Hand

I like to think we were playing it wrong. I don’t think we were.

We’ll give it another go to see if anything changes but I don’t think this is going to stay off eBay for long.

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