Tabletop Day 2015 – Reverse Charades

Posted on by Jesta

Many people moving…

One person sat looking clueless.

Reverse Charades flips the charade standard of one person giving clues to a large group on its head by splitting the players (six or more) into two teams, then having all but one person on a team work together to get that one person to guess as many words as possible in sixty seconds. Each guessed word is worth one point; each word spoken or mouthed costs that team a point.

That’s all I need to say…

The main difference being that standard charades is very logical and methodical with a standard way of playing we all understand.

It’s a Film
It’s also a Book
5 Words
First Word

This is 2+ people flailing as quick as possible while the guesser looks on bemused.

It was a special Tabletop Day version so included lots of geek references but it was good crazy fun for 20 minutes.

Reverse Charades Cards

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