Tabletop Day 2015 – Geek Out!

Posted on by Jesta

I can name 3 reasons I like this game…

My mind has gone blank.

Geek Out! is a party game that can determine once and for all which player is the most knowledgeable about your favourite pop culture subjects!

You draw a card and roll a die. Te colour of the die shows you which ‘question’ you need to answer.

Geek Out Contents

The questions vary from ┬ácategory to category but can include “Name 4 characters from the Walking Dead” or “Name 6 characters from Wonderland” etc

Geek stuff.

Players have a chance to say they can name more. Once a player has claimed a number that no other player dare to challenge them, they go for it.

If they do it they get the card, if they fail they get a -2 token.

The winner is the first to a predetermined number of cards.

I ended the game on -2. It’s got that thing where you say, “I can name them” and immediately follow it up with a memory wipe.

It’s a nice party game, but I played it with some serious Manga/Anime/Comic Book/Sci-fi/Fantasy fans who destroyed me…

It’s not bad though.

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