Jesta ThaRogue in Pixel Lincoln

One of my major acquisition disorder triggers is a good looking game on Kickstarter. I love the fact that I’m helping to get it made. Unless it’s already funded when I come to pledge for it in which case I pretend it wasn’t!

One of those games was Pixel Lincoln.

Pixel Lincoln is essentially a deck building game that plays as a 16-bit side scrolling platformer… confused? Here’s a video from designer Jason Tagmire showing you the basics.

I pledged at a level where you get to create a custom card. Purely for vanity reasons I jumped in 🙂

Jesta Tha Rogue Pixel Lincoln

It’s not there to play with, it’s just for show but I think it looks great. Also, it’s just card for me, it won’t be in EVERY copy of the game although Jesta ThaRogue will be making an appearance as an Anti-Hero soon 😉

For more information on Pixel Lincoln…

Board Game Geek – Pixel Lincoln
Twitter – Pixel Lincoln

The game will be about around June time and I’m looking forward to playing it and I’ll put up a post here when I do.


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