Jesta ThaRogue in Boss Monster

Yet another Kickstarter campaign I backed is the great looking Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games

“Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!”

So you build a dungeon that will resemble a 16 bit side scrolling game and you attract a ‘Hero’ to your dungeon. The Hero then runs through your Dungeon one room at a time. If you kill them you gain their souls, which is how you win. If not, they will wound you.

I’m really not doing it justice, watch this vid.

I already mentioned that I have pledged for Pixel Lincoln and that I have a Jesta ThaRogue card for Pixel Lincoln. That card is a promo, a one off…

So not only is Pixel Lincoln himself a Kickstarter exclusive promo in Boss Monster, I was able to grab the last spot on the Thief Hero pledge level to have a copy of a card IN EVERY COPY OF THE GAME!

Jesta ThaRogue in Boss Monster

So if you pick up a copy of Boss Monster there will be a copy of Jesta ‘The’ Rogue in it, for you to kill.

I’m quite excited that I get to have this card AND that it’s playable AND that every one gets to play with it. I’m also scattered through the rule book a few times šŸ™‚

Heroes in Boss Monster

IĀ believeĀ the current estimated time of delivery is May but this can change. I’ll post an update when I get to play it.

Check out the Board Game Geek page for Boss Monster for more information.



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