Gameday First Play: Zooloretto: The Dice Game

“The Dice game” tag can go either way.

This one lands on the right side.

Zooloretto: The Dice Game takes the basic Zooloretto / Coloretto game play – on a turn either add to the offerings on display, or take one set of offerings – and replaces the cards with dice so that you’ll never know which animals will pop up for you to take. Each player has her own score sheet, which represents her zoo, with space for five types of animals: one crocodile, two ostriches, up to five lions. The score sheet also has space to collect coins and barns for animals that don’t fit in the appropriate pens.

I enjoyed Zooloretto which involved pulling tiles from a bag, placing them in trucks, taking trucks and putting animals into pens. The goal being to fill pens with the same kind of animal without taking too many of that animal so you get overflow.

Overflow is bad.

The dice on the truck, not tiles

The dice on the truck, not tiles

There are some other bits such as having money to buy expansions and adding stalls to do things n stuff and while it’s fun and very very cute… it’s a little bloated.

Zooloretto the dice game gets rid of this extra stuff and boils it down closer to what I assume Coloretto is. (not having played it)

You either roll 2 dice and put them on trucks, or take a truck and pass.

Zooloretto Dice Game Player Mat


Instead of adding tiles to a nice looking zoo you just cross them off on a sheet of paper. If you’re the first player to fill up a pen you get a bonus of +1 or +2 points but obviously you leave yourself open to getting that overflow penalty.

This was a fun, quick game and I would play it again.

Zooloretto Dice Game Dice

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