Gameday First Play – Wooolf!!

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An Essen pick up I didn’t get the chance to play until I got home.

I played this with the full 8 players…

Each player is dealt 2 cards from a deck containing a number of Wolves, Sheppard Boys, Hunters, Hunting Dogs and Sheep. They are all ranked in that order and which ever is your highest ranked card is your character for a round.

Each character has 1 or 2 targets they need to figure out using deduction to figure out which other player is using which character.

You can do one of 3 things on your turn.

1 – Look at a players card

You look at one of the players cards. You then look at the picture to see which character they are using, then look at the icon to see what information you can share. Some icons show the character printed on the card, others show a question mark.

If you see a character icon you put a token of that character in front of the player and say “I saw a…” so everyone knows.

If you see a question mark icon you say “I don’t know what I saw” and put a question mark token in front of them.

This is the cool thing, the Sheppard Boy always cries Wolf, so, if the Sheppard boy sees a character icon he always says its a Wolf.

2 – Play a Question card

You have two Question cards each round. These will say things like “Are you a Wolf, Hunter or Shepard Boy?” or “Is one of your cards a Hunting Dog.

You give one to a player and they will put the answer yes or no pointing into the middle of the table.

3 – Make an early guess

After the first round of actions you can make a guess. Each player has a double dial and you point each dial to the player number you think is the 1st and 2nd target. Once you do this you are out.

When a certain number of players depending on the player count have made guesses everyone must make a final guess.

You can, if you don’t have enough information, point towards ‘X”s on your dial to not take a guess.

If you make an Early Guess and are correct, you score 2 points.
If you make a Final Guess and are correct, you score 1 point.
If you make an Early Guess and are wrong you get a red ‘x’ token
A red ‘x’ stops you making an early guess next round.
If you make a Final Guess and are wrong you get a black ‘x’ token.

If a player suspects someone is a Wolf due to the Sheppard Boy placing a Wolf token on them and they are not a Wolf, each Hunter or Hunting Dog that points to that player gives the Sheppard Boy 1 point.

After three rounds or a single player gets 2 ‘x’ tokens, the game ends, most points wins.

You NEED to stay awake playing this game. Each players turn you learn something and waking up on your turn to study all the information slows the game down. Taking ages to think about what to do slows the game down. this should be a quick game.

I suggest player with 4 players who enjoy FUN for your first game.

It’s good though, looking forward to playing it again.

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