Gameday First Play – Woo-Hoo!

Posted on by Jesta

Woo-Hoo! is a roll and move, set collection game.

This is a quick video overview.

The moon is shining brightly and it’s a fragrant summer’s evening in the park. The children have left and gone to sleep, but many of their toys have been left behind. Now, something is stirring. Four small garden gnomes have emerged from the foliage. They have gathered by their favourite elephant slide to admire the colourful toys that will soon be theirs. But first things first — it’s time to ride the slide!

This is a brief overview of the rules then I give my thoughts on it.

0:16 – Overview
0:42 – Game Play
2:26 – Summary

~ Jesta

Note: The copy I played was a review copy generously provided by Brain Games, big thanks to them for this game.

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