Gameday First Play – Troyes

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Dice rolling and worker placement.

I’d never played a game like this before so what would I think?

In Troyes, recreate four centuries of history of this famous city of the Champagne region of France. Each player manages their segment of the population (represented by a horde of dice) and their hand of cards, which represent the three primary domains of the city: religious, military, and civil. Players can also offer cash to their opponents’ populace in order to get a little moonlighting out of them—anything for more fame!

Make your underlings:

  • work on the cathedral

  • combat misfortune

  • bustle about the city

  • and other such tasks that are below your family’s stature

This is a very deep game so I’m not going into much detail, even less than I normally do in these mini reviews. I’ll let Ryan Metzler from The Dice Tower to show you how to play.

Very brief look at how you play…

You place your workers in a building to gain a dice of that colour.

You roll the dice and put them into your section on the board.

You then activate buildings using your dice, or buying dice from other people.

The buildings out in play are random and will differ each game, as will your own personal goal.

This was a deep thinky game that I would be interested in playing again. I did take me a while to get my head around it so going into it a second time knowing what I’m doing may help me improve my terrible, terrible score 🙂

Troyes Gameplay

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