Gameday First Play – Tomorrow

Mass Genocide with nuclear, biological and terrorist attacks.

It’s a game people, get over it.

It is a few years in the future and the nations of the world concur with the opinion of an unprecedented number of leading scientists: a combination of overpopulation, environmental change, and resource depletion has put the human species at imminent and dire risk. Something needs to be done – but what? In the span of a few weeks, top advisors and experts in each major world power conclude that the only way their people – and, indeed, all of humanity – will survive is via dramatic and immediate global de-population. With no one wanting to put their own people at risk, it will take aggressive and even inhumane acts to somehow save the world.

So yeah the theme on this board game here is pretty cool and is based on a fictional future.

Keywords: Board Game & Fictional.

Anyway, you’re trying to reduce the population of the world by destroying it, mostly with large scale biological warfare. You’re trying to gain the most ‘Political Capital’ at the end of the game by saving your own citizens, killing others and controlling & protecting minor powers.

But, if after 9 rounds the population hasn’t been brought down to a safe level, the world destroys itself and everyone loses.

Everyone is one of the Major Superpowers. Russia, USA, EU, China, India or the Arab Caliphate. Each, while similar, have different numbers of population and abilities. I was the Arab Caliphate so I had a Terror Attack ability where I could reduce someone from 2 actions in a round to 1.

China start with the Cyber space card but it can be taken by anyone throughout the game. After the event, the holder of the cyber space card can choose to determine turn order, draw a card or steal a card from another player.

Russia don’t allow biological attacks to spread in or out of their large nation whereas the USA has the CDC at their disposal for these attacks.

The EU determines turn order if the Cyber card holder decides not to which compared to the other abilities is pretty tame.

Tomorrow Board

You start each round with an event card. There are a few to pick from and you only use 9 at random and each card has 3 options depending where you are in the game so there’s variety here.

Then you choose 2 actions you’re going to play this turn and there are several to pick from.

Biological attacks are the most efficient way to get those pawns (representing 70 million people) off the board and into your score pile. They have pretty cool names and different ways they kill and spread.

Nukes kill people but also the land. To represent this, population isn’t reduced by kills with nukes, its increased. You are trying to make this a nice place to live after all, nuking everything and everyone isn’t the way to do this.

Military actions let you take control of a minor power, you can also jump to their aid.

Espionage lets you counter Biological and Terror attacks as well as other espionage cards.

Cyber attacks allow you to try and take the Cyber Card by making a 50/50 guess.

Turns are repeated until everyone runs out of time and loses, or until the population is brought down to a safe level and you win.

It’s a good game, nice mechanics, fun game play and a great theme.

I’ll need to play it again though as I had a really bad experience. I had all but one of my Biological attacks blocked and all of my Military attacks immediately overturned so I spent 2 hours achieving nothing. I wasn’t in the lead for 8 of the 9 turns of the game and people who were clearly in the lead were seemingly free to do whatever they wanted.

All I could do for the final turns of the game was launch a Terrorist attack against the player I thought was winning to reduce them to one action, use Espionage to counter Biological attacks and launch my only Nuke to stop anyone winning at all.

It was the same experience of playing against a blue deck in Magic, just boring and frustrating but at least in Magic you’re the only target.

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2 Responses to Gameday First Play – Tomorrow

  1. John says:

    Choosing turn order if the cyber chap doesn’t is actually extremely powerful for the EU. If you can anticipate who is hitting who, you can have a big influence on the game. It also allows you to force other players’ hands and respond accordingly. I think I chose turn order for roughly 7 turns and only once did I screw it up so I didn’t feel like I’d made use of the power. It’s basically always useful.

    You might have disliked your experience with the Arabs because the game appears to be all about negotiation and, being slap bang in the centre of everything, nobody more so than the Arabs needed to negotiate.

    Instead, you got into a fight with me over North Africa while I was focusing the US (who were leading, had dicked on me to the tune of 3 EU pop/2 of my client state pop) and a also a nice juicy target to bring down global pop because Americuhns are more valuable as people), nuked me out of the blue (whilst I wasn’t leading) and practiced action denial on Russia and the USA.

    The somebody-nuke-the-Arabs-for-lulz card was hard luck though.

    Being in the centre here (and adjacent to the largest client state, like we both were) obviously hurt as we were going to be targeted by biological attacks. But I thought it made for a fantastic emergent storytelling experience. I’ve slapped the rest of my thoughts in a BGG comment.

    If only you’d been more conducive to a pan Arab-Euro alliance rather than randomly firing a nuke off, and negotiated a little, you might have enjoyed our difficult position more :D.

    Let me know if you’re getting rid of this because I will pick a copy up. It’ll be a nice one to play with the family after dinner :P.

  2. Jesta says:

    I mean’t to say the EU’s ability is thematically tame.

    Turn 1 was “I’m going to do a Biological attack” immediately followed by “I’m going to stop it” No negotiation at all, just flat out stopped me without asking who I might target. It was India I was targeting BTW, the place with a tonne of population and no chance of retaliation.

    The first 4 turns went like that so I just tried to tank the game, successfully.

    Having my one and only minor power taken when USA had 3 and China had 2 was just the last straw for me.

    It was just insanely boring from then on. Had I been winning, or in a strong position I would have accepted it but I was miles behind and I just lost interest in the game.

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