Gameday First Play – Titan Race

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Help your Titan ride your Torus to victory.

Mario Kart.. in space!

In Titan Race, each player controls a titan, with everyone racing on a torus, shooting at one another, and getting shot at in return.

This is a simple straight forward race game…

You either, complete 3 laps of one board (going off the top and back on at the bottom of the tile) or one lap or 3 boards…

Each player has a Titan with a different ability, you get a player board.

Titan Race Player Board

This keeps track of your life points and laps.

The dice have 6 sides of 6 icons and 6 colours matching the Titans, you roll one to match the colour to determine the start player.

On your turn you can activate your special ability, use an action card and select a die, once each in any order.

Each Titan has a unique ability, I could steal life…

Titan Race Ability

..other can punch, drop bombs, switch places etc

Each player starts with an action card and draws one when the go over a special icon on the board. The cards have varied abilities…

Titan Race Action Card

…which are hard to read 🙂 This one protects you but other deal damage, move you and one even lets you use the power of an adjacent Titan, very handy.

Those 2 are optional actions, taking a dice is mandatory. You pick from those available and place it on your player board.

They all let you move either forward or diagonally and let you drop a trap or hit someone. If you move diagonally off the side of the board you come back on the other side, Pac-Man style.

The Purple side of the die lets you pick any side at the cost of losing a life point. But, if you pick a die of your colour you gain a life.

If you move into another Titan you push them, this can then cause chain reactions with other Titans.. Any pushed Titans lose a life. Walking on, being pushed on and being directly hit by a drop costs oyu a life point.

Each of the 6 maps is different…

Titan Race Board

…with this one dealing damage to player who goes in it, or is pushed in.

If you run out of life you ‘skip’ your next turn standing up. You still pick a die even though you can’t do anything with it but you might get to screw someone over.

The last payer in a turn will only have one die to pick from, so they gather all the dice and roll them again…

That’s it really, first to cross the finish line wins.

I won, and went first so that’s my first bug. I had an extra turn and it was a VERY close race…

The next bug I had I was my fault, we played a rule wrong. When you get KO’d you flip your life counter on to a skull and lay your figure down. On your next turn all you do is take a die and flip the counter back to a a heart again. The turn after that you go to full health, stand up and take your normal turn.

I played that the next turn you stand up AND miss a turn. This mean’t I skipped a turn and went up to 4 life.. Got pushed (3 life) into Lava (2 life) got Trapped by an action card (1 life) and Trapped by an ability (KO’d). I missed two turns in a row. Yawn.

But as I said, my fault not the game. Might balance that extra turn thing though 🙂

The rest is fun though, looking forward to trying the slidey Ice track and the ‘Extra Action’ Pentacle track.

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