Gameday First Play – Them Bombs

Posted on by Jesta

“Dem Bombs, Dem Bombs, Dem, Explodey Bombs”

~ Me, while playing this game.

A cooperative game for 2-4 players. Defuse a bomb and become a hero! How many people can you and your team save?

Simple one this…

One person has a device, in our case an iPad, with puzzles on…

Other players have access to a guide on how to dismantle bombs…

Then… the player with the bomb describes what they see, the guide players ask questions in order to give commands for the bob player to do things to defuse it.

Either you do it in the time limit, or you don’t.


A good fun co-op game that’s very quick and simple.

It’s FREE!


Dexterity required to hold down things on the iPad while swiping across, it was awkward to do.

If I had to pick another one, it’s that in app purchases are REQUIRED to increase replay-ability.


A very fun game, stressful and free 🙂

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