Gameday First Play – No Thanks!

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Will I say ‘Yes Please!’ or ‘No Thanks!’ to this game?

Spoiler alert! I bought it a day later!

This is a very simple game. Each player gets 11 tokens, they look like this…

No Thanks Tokens

Keep them secret!

There is a deck of cards numbered 3 to 39, they look like this…

No Thanks Game

9 of the cards are removed from the game face down at random.

So simply, you turn over the top card of the deck and either take it, or put a token on in to pass to the next player. This continues until someone takes the card (and all the tokens on it.)

Then the next player turns over the next card and the whole process is repeated.

You’re doing this to score as FEW points as possible. Each card it’s worth it’s face value in points. The number 3 obviously is worth taking. The 35 however is a car you do not want, BUT after a people have passed on it a few times it might be worth taking it just to get the 10+ tokens that are on it.

This continues until the deck runs out then players score.

As I said, cards are worth their face value. Runs of connecting numbers are only scored with their LOWEST number in the run and each token is worth -1 point.

It’s very tactical yet simple.

Do you that a high card because it has a lot of tokens on it?

Do you that a low card? I mean it’s not going to get you many points but how often can you take a single card?

Do you take the 20 card to stop someone connecting their 17,18 and 19 to 21?

It’s one of those games you really have to play. It’s great and cheap, go get it!

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