Gameday First Play – Tension: The Crazy Naming Game

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Naming 10 of something is easy.

Naming a SPECIFIC 10 of something not so.

Tension is a game for 2 teams of 2 or more people, in which you have 1 minute to name examples of a given subject, which could be anything from “Annoying personal habits” to “Foods that are naughty but nice”.

That’s the game…

Here’s an example of one of the cards.

Tension Questions

So educational too right? 🙂 Well, some question are like ‘Harry Potter Characters’ etc, they’re quite diverse.

You keep score on the most garish board I have ever seen.

Tension Board

Landing on a swirly mark moves you forward a number of spaces equal to the spaces you moved to land on it. This is interesting as you many want to try and score 4-5 to double it instead of scoring the 6-7 you could have got.

A Question Mark means you have to predict a number (after hearing the title of the round) and score exactly that in the round or don’t move at all.

I quite like games like this as an alternative to a ‘proper’ game in a long game day. There were often some kind of Lateral thought such as ‘Things that Fly’ had an answer of ‘Time’.

It reminded me a bit of Geek Out!, especially the Harry Potter question but broader in topic and therefore easier for me 🙂

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