Gameday First Play – Stick to Colours

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“Colours are the smiles of nature.”

~ Leigh Hunt

Easy and fun card game for those who are not afraid of trading, bluffing and taking risks for the sake of the win.

Very easy…

You have some cards in hand and you’re trying to make sets and runs.

You do this by ‘bidding’ on a card from those available on the table. You bid by pushing it forward…

…then you add a token, question mark side up on any number of the other cards.

This token basically says “I’m giving up on this card for the rest of the game”. You can add tokens to the other cards in the middle of the table, or place cards from your hand face down and put them on those too.

Then, in turn order, players can raise the bid by denying more cards than you by placing tokens in the same way.

Eventually, everyone will pass, the ‘winner’ will flip their played tokens to the ‘X’ side. These cards can now never be taken or used to bid in the future, by that player.

Tokens used in losing bids are returned to their owner.

You refill the row and start a new round.

After all the cards have gone from the deck and in play, the players make sets to score points, most points wins.


I like the bidding, sacrificing the right to future cards to get ones you need. Those ‘X’ tokens NEVER come off, unless another player takes the card, so you need to be sure you’re ditching the right one.


It’s a little dull really. I had more fun trying to throw my token onto the card to hit the bullseye on it 🙂

There are better set collection games around.


It was OK once, might even play it again if in the right mood.

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