Gameday First Play – Star Trek Catan

Catan, the Final Frontier…

Thee are the voyages of a guy with no resources…

In Star Trek: Catan, players start the game with two small Outposts at the intersection of three planets, with each planet supplying resources based on the result of a dice roll. Players collect and trade these resources – dilithium, tritanium, food, oxygen and water – in order to build Starships that connect regions in the galaxy, establish more Outposts and Starbases (upgraded Outposts) at new intersection points in order to increase resource acquisition, and acquire Development Cards that provide Victory Points (VPs) or special abilities.

I did a brief overview of the Settlers of Catan and I didn’t really enjoy it. I also cheated and just added a video of the guys on Tabletop playing it. So here’s another one! 🙂

So yeah, same-ish game, very similar experience for me. Never really got going except for having the longest supply route which is essentially the ‘Longest Road’ in Catan. Speaking of which, lets look at the differences.

Obviously Wood and Sheep are replaced with things like dilithium and tritanium and Road and Towns are Starships and Outposts etc

Star Trek Catan Board

The robber is a Kilngon ship.

The main change is the addition of the Support cards allowing you to get help from a famous Original Series Star Trek character.

Everyone starts with one of these and can use it and flip it over or use it and return it to the stack and take a new one. If it’s flipped over to the ‘B’ side, you have to return it the stack.

Still not convinced about this game in any of its variations but I’ll play it again to see if I can learn anything 🙂

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