Gameday First Play – Spit It Out!

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Answer easy questions wrong…


Think fast! Spit It Out! is the fun, fast-paced party game in which you have to retrain your brain to give the WRONG answer to easy questions — but sometimes you have to give the RIGHT answers, too, and you have just thirty seconds to spit it out! Rewire your brain to victory in this hilarious game where wrong is right.

So on your turn you roll 2 D6 and these numbers will tell you which 2 (or 1 if you roll a double) of the 6 questions you have to answer correctly.

Spit It Out Quesions

Look how easy they are… Answering incorrectly, but sensibly in a time limit is quite hard.

You’re supposed to answer incorrectly but within the spirit of the question but the rules for this are a mess.

The rulebook says…

When you give a wrong answer it must somehow be related to the type of question, e.g. you cannot answer “blue” to a question like “Who brings presents for Christmas” (but you can answer “the Easter Bunny” or “a cow” etc.)

The Easter Bunny makes sense, a Cow is so far away from the question that it makes almost any answer possible for any question for me.

For me the answer here would have to be either a Mythical Humanoid (Harry Potter etc), a Holiday Related Thing (Easter Bunny etc) or a Kids Character (Mickey Mouse etc). A Cow? What? No.

I would accept Ermintrude from the The Magic Roundabout 🙂

Terrible rules aside, it’s fun and quick and cheap and good for parties.

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