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Buddha, Rice and Pagodas.

It’s sooo pretty…

Set in medieval Japan, players compete to gain the favour of three factions. The competition is waged through the use of hexagonal tiles, each of which help curry favour of one of the three factions — or all three at once!

This game is very easy…

You have randomly placed Buddah, Rice and Pagoda tokens placed around the board. On your turn you place a tile from behind your screen and draw back up to 5.

Some tiles has a fast action icon and you can play any number of them plus your one regular tile.

Samurai Player Screen

The tiles you play either have influence specific to one of the tokens or a samurai/ship which gives influence to everything.

Once a tile is surrounded (only land tiles are needed) the player with the most influence claims it. In the case of a tie the token is removed from the game.

You have some tiles you can play in the water to add influence and some tiles that let you move or swap tiles or tokens.

Samurai Board

Once all of one type of tokens have gone or 4 are removed from the game, it’s over.

Whoever has the most of each type of token will get a nice piece of a symbol…

Samurai Scoring Tokens

If you have the most you win, or if not you go into who has the second most etc…  Very Knizia.

This is a very simple game that has a lot of tactical choices which are the types of games I like.

You need to attack to win and be aggressive but at the same time you only have 20 tiles and you need to use them as efficiently as possible. Putting 4 tiles around 1 token is a waste, you need your opponents to there to piggy back off their tiles…

I enjoyed it quite a bit, I’m glad I won it.

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