Gameday First Play – Rush n’ Crush

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A VERY quick look at this game as I only played a few turns before it was time to pack up…

It’s a tiny racing car game, where you attack other cars, awesome.

From the Publisher of Rush n’ Crush:

First the players choose a driver from among six armed and dangerous psychopaths. They hop aboard futuristic, armoured and over-equipped vehicles. And the race begins. The goal is to be the first across the finish line, as only first place counts. No matter the game mode used, Arcade or Overdrive, the race is always a deadly obstacle course around a track made of ten reversible tiles, which can be assembled to build many different racetracks. Fire your engines, buckle your helmet, and be ready for the armed racing game!

Rush n Crush

I don’t really need to say more than that.

The board bit move easily, the cars are tiny and the tokens on the character sheet are designed to move very easily.

The bit I did like was the gear system.

Rush n Crush Card

The weapons, boosts, abilities etc etc were OK but the gears is where this game wins.

On your turn you can accelerate or shift up. If you shift up you go faster quicker, but you lose the ability to turn and you over heat quicker. Over heating damages your car which you really don’t need when everyone else is damaging it for you.

Balancing speed vs agility, attacking vs defending, heating up vs cooling down. There’s plenty to think about.

If I get the chance to give this a play I’ll take it, would be good to finish a full race.

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