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Brain Burning Bouncing Bots

Not the best thing to play at the END of a day of gaming…

Ricochet Robots is less of a game and more of a puzzle.

No Kidding…

There is a board, there are bots. The bots are on the board as are the pre-printed targets.

A token showing one of those targets is flipped over and you have to try and get the right colour bot to the right colour target in as few moves as possible.

You move bots orthogonally and they will move in a straight line until they hit a wall, or another bot. Each of these straight line moves counts as “1” and as I said you have to do it in as few moves as possible.

Of course, your target areas are usually behind a few walls to make it hard so the answer generally involves bouncing a Robot around the arena, moving other robots into its path to help it out.

When you solved it, you count the moves it takes, call it out and flip the timer.

Then everyone else has the time in the timer to ‘beat’ your score.

If you call the lowest and get it right, you keep the token. Get it wrong and the next lowest number called out gets to show they can do it.

Most tokens wins… but it’s not about the winning.

The board showing 2 ways to solve a puzzle taken from

The board showing 2 ways to solve a puzzle taken from

It’s about getting it that round. If being smug is your thing them you can do that. If just fist pumping and shouting ‘Yes!’ is then do that too. I like to shout ‘Ha!’ ’cause so many times people are shouting “10” and I think.. what? how? Then as I’m trying to spot the 10 someone will say “8” and everyone will just nod knowingly… I then flip the table and walk away…

The game has 0 luck, isn’t prone to AP, is timed and players up to 15 people so is a good game to have around.

I like it, even though my head hurts.

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