Gameday First Play – Pixel Lincoln:The Deck Building Game

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A game I Kickstarted in June of 2012 and didn’t get until August 2013.

Worth the wait?

In this classic adventure game, you will travel through time and space, searching for the pieces needed to restore the balance of time.

There are enemies in every corner, and as Pixel Lincoln, you must defeat them – but first you need to build an awesome deck! Equip the finest weapons, bring your best cheat codes, and do whatever it takes to get the highest score! Because in the end, that’s all that matters.

Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game plays in about 45 minutes, and players will explore the highly customizable levels by revealing cards as they progress. Cards vary from items/power-ups to enemies, NPCs, secrets, bosses and much more. As you purchase or defeat these cards, they are added to your deck. Defeat all of the bosses or die trying!

So a deck building game in the style of an 8-bit side scrolling platformer? ok…

So you build two level decks. These contain items, monsters, characters and checkpoints.

Items are equipment that you buy.

Monsters are Creatures you fight for points.

Characters are people you buy that can score you bonus points.

The 3 check points on each level lead to events such as the mini-boss and the Boss of each level.

It’s a standard deck building game, no different to games such as Penny Arcade but it’s the scrolling element that makes it different.

Pixel Lincoln Gameplay


As your Lincoln Meeple jumps, fights and buys his way to the end of the level, cards and Meeples are ‘scrolled’ backwards and new cards are laid out.

Now, if this is different to the way other deck builders work? In the DC Deck Building Game and the Lord of the Rings Deck Building by Crypozoic empty slots in the path are refilled and you can pick any. It depends on the person if the restriction of being able to just buy one card at a time compared to having a choice matters.

It’s OK, I will play it more to see if it’s a game I want to keep in my collection, but right now I will and of course, Jesta is in (my version of) the game! 🙂

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