Gameday First Play – Pittsburgh 68

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Is the Zombie Apocalypse over yet?

No seriously, are we done with this game, it’s awful.

Thrills and and chills await in Pittsburgh 68, a frenzied game of zombie horror! One player starts as a zombie and the rest as survivors on the run. As survivors are eliminated, they become part of the growing zombie problem. Those who avoid becoming zombified are the “winners”, but only if they survive the final draw!

Here is the official ‘how to play’ blurb…

The game is played in four segments called “reels”. Each reel has a designated number of cards to be played through. As these are revealed in a central three-card hand, players have the option to take them on their turn to build their survivor or zombie hands. In addition to cards, the Shuffling Horror system uses two six-sided dice (2d6) to resolve conflict actions, such as when a zombie attacks a survivor. The game includes two sets of dice. The Zombie Master makes many dice rolls and reserves one set as his own, while the players should pass their set as each player completes her turn.

Would be nice if the Zombie master didn’t just have plain white dice that were the same as the players. But meh…

I might be being harsh on it. My advice, don’t learn this game with 13 players as you spend a lot of time doing very little. You can fail a roll and miss your next turn too.

It’s also one of those games you laugh at rather than with (You know the type)

Maybe I’d give this a fair go with 4-5 players one day but I doubt it.

Pittsbergh 68 Game

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