Gameday First Play – Pitch Car Mini

Posted on by Jesta

A game of dexterity and flicking!

Flicking wooden disk cars around a track doesn’t sound great, but add 7 other players and a near impossible jump and it’s nothing but laughs!

You get a colour token representing a car, build a track and flick the car around the track.

If your token flicks over you go back to where you flicked from.

If your token goes off the track you go back to where you flicked from.

It was quite fun but what made it great was playing with 7 other people. It was nothing but laughs and a great way to kick off a full day of gaming.

Pitch Car Mini Gameplay


the jump in the back straight caused a HUGE pile up. Made for extra laughs and challenges.

I didn’t finish 🙂

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  1. M Zeller says:

    This seems like a really cool game! Looking for it on the web now. Thanks for sharing.

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