Gameday First Play – Pickomino

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Pickomino is a fun game which is as frustrating as it is odd.

But it’s designed by Reiner Knizia so it can’t be bad…

I’m not really a fan of dice rolling or push your luck style games but this one was different.

Two to seven players 8 and up try to obtain fried worms for their chickens, so that they don’t go hungry. Of course, anyone who doesn’t manage to grab a worm off of the grill can help himself to those of his opponents.

So yeah… Chickens and Worms.

There are ‘domino’ like blocks are in the centre of the table numbered on top from 21 to 36.

21-24 has 1 worm on bottom half of it.
25-28 has 2.
29-32 has 3.
33-36 has 4.

There are 8 dice, each numbered 1-5 with a Worm where the 6 would be.

You roll 8 dice an choose to keep either ALL the dice of a single number of a your choice, or any dice with a worm on.

You may then roll again, doing the same but you can’t keep dice of a number you have already taken and you can’t keep worm dice if you have already taken them that round.

You repeat this process until you dare not roll any more. You then add up the numbers and, assuming you have at least 1 worm, you take one of the Domino style tokens from the middle of the table and that ends your turn.

Play continues like this, any additional domino tokens you win stack on top of any you have gained previously.

But it does get interesting…

If you roll and are unable to keep any dice because they are duplicates of numbers taken earlier, you end your turn and gain nothing, but lose nothing.

If this happens and you have kept a Worm, you return your top prize Domino to the middle of the table and turn the highest value Domino face down, removing it from the game.

If you stop rolling with a total ‘equal to’ the value of another players top tile in their prize stack, you can take it and add it on top of your own.


When there are no domino’s to take from the middle as they are all face down, the game ends and the player with the most Worms on there prize domino’s is the winner.

Very fun, will play it again despite finishing on 0 points 🙂


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