Gameday First Play – Panic on Wall Street!

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Having recently played Pit, I was in the mood for some frantic stock trading.

This is Pit with a game.

In Panic on Wall Street! you take on the role of a free-wheeling capitalist out to out manoeuvre your competitors and earn your place as a great industrialist.

This is two games in one, half (rounded down) of the players will be Managers and the rest will be Investors.

Each round, Managers and Investors will negotiate in a free-for-all shout-fest to purchase shares in the Managers’ companies. If I say offer 10 on a company, the Manager will write 10 on the card in dry wipe marker and put one of my tokens on it. At any time, another investor can up that offer and switch their token with mine.

If a Manager feels like it they can flip over one of these tokens to ‘close’ any further action on that business. this is generally used to tempt the Investor… “Offer me 20 on this one and I’ll close it” for example.

After two minutes, this madness ends.

Panic on Wall Street Game Play

Then you roll the dice and this is VERY interesting. The dice have a +/- number on them and will increase/decrease the value of a stock. This means you could have heavy losses in some areas, but of course you can have some huge gains.

Then Investors collect income from the shares they purchased and Managers collect what they are owed from investors

Managers then have to pay fees for each of their companies, and can buy new companies at auction.

After five rounds, there are two winners – The manager and the Investor who have accumulated the most money.

This was a lot of fun… It does need 6-7+ players and it might annoy the other tables at a Con but who cares, it’s fun for those playing it!

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