Gameday First Play – Nosferatu

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Renfeld + Vampires vs Hunters.

Bite, Stake or be Bitten…

I bought this at Essen but I hadn’t had a chance to play it when I had a chance to play someone elses copy.

One player is Renfeld and he secretly chooses a player to be a Vampire and the others are Hunters. This is a 5-8 player game so there will be 3 Hunters at least.

The Hunters need to Stake the Vampire to win.

Renfeld and the Vampire need to work together to give out 5 bits to all the players, if they win. Or they can bluff to hope one Hunter Stakes another.

This is done by players taking cards from a pile, giving one to Renfeld face up and one to the discard pile face up. After each player performs this action they turn over a clock card. If it’s night card play continues, if it’s dawn (only one in the deck of 6-9 cards) this phase ends no matter how many players have perfromed this action.

The cards are bites and night cards which the Vampire is trying to secretly give to Renfeld and the Hunters are trying to discard. Bites are given to players, remember 5 bites and they win. Night cards are added to the deck to make it less likely the Dawn card wil be revealed.

Rumours have no effect really and just stop Renfeld reciving all of the other kind of cards, Components.

If he does have all components in his hand the Hunters get to choose one of 3 special powers.

Heal a bite, Reveal and Character or Remove a Night Card.

Play continues in this way until a winner is chosen.

It’s a good game. I’ve played a couple of times as the Hunter and a couple as Renfeld. Before I decide I like it I want to play as the Vampire.


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