Gameday First Play – Movie Plotz

Posted on by Jesta

So a horse walks into a Steam-punk western town with a Cyborg Chuck Norris followed by the cast of Red Dwarf…


A wild game that allows your group to create hilarious fake movie story lines, then pitch them out loud for maximum laughs.

Not much to say about this, it’s not a ‘game’ but fun all the less. Apparently there are rules for scoring but forget them, just play and enjoy.

Someone names a simple plot to a movie, maybe a real movie plot or one made up.

Then, the next player draws a card and incorporates it into the ‘Pitch’ by updating or expanding the story.

Movie Plotz Cards

This goes around the table until the deck runs out with the story getting bigger, longer and more extravagant.

There was a lot of laughs while playing it even though it’s a very simple ‘game’.

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