Gameday First Play – Mottainai

Glory to Rome is too hard to get, Uchronia is colour-horrific.

Bring on Mottainai!

“Mottainai” (pronounced mot/tai/nai) means “Don’t waste”, or “Every little thing has a soul”. IA successor in the Glory to Rome line, you use your cards for many purposes. Each player is a monk in a temple who performs tasks, collects materials, and sells or completes works for visitors. Every card can be each of these three things.

So as mentioned this is the successor to Glory to Rome and Uchronia and plays almost int he same way with a very differences.

You have cards that have multiple uses depending where that card is and on your turn you play one into your Task area…

Mottainai Play Area

You then (and this differs from the others) take each opponents task in player order first before taking yours. So in our game we were taking 4 actions per turn.

The tasks let you move cards from the 4 areas of your play area to different areas, lets you build cards from your hand or take cards from the floor. (the discard pile really)

Helpers boost that task letting letting you activate it more times.

The Craft bench is where you store cards as materials which are used to build Works. Works provide abilities and help you score points.

Sales are essentially cards stored for points.

I’m not going to try and explain it any more than that. If you want to know more there are good tutorial videos or my reviews of Glory to Rome and Uchronia explain things in a bit more detail.

Now we’ve played it once and it took an hour, we feel the next game will be 15-20 minutes. It’s VERY simple and turns are quick despite taking 4 actions per turn.

It’s really just getting the understanding of what cards go where, and when, and how to score… scoring is quite complex.

This isn’t a long game, but it is difficult to comprehend (and teach), more so than the others.

It’s pretty though 🙂

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