Gameday First Play – Mississippi Queen

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‘Racing’ down the Mississippi… steadily as possible.

In this light, fun family game, players race their paddle-boats down the Mississippi, picking up passengers along the way. But on-board coal supplies are limited, so each ship’s acceleration and manoeuvres must be carefully planned. Perhaps most interestingly, the twists and turns of the river are unknown at the start of the game, and are only revealed as ships progress downstream.

Each player has a Paddle-boat with 2 dials… Red is for speed, Black is for coal.

Mississippi Queen Boats

On your turn you move your speed and can make oneĀ 60 degree turn for free. You can also accelerate or decelerate one point for free each turn.

Any additional turns or changes to speed require 1 coal each. The race is quite long and you only have 6 coal!

Mississippi Queen River

Your aim is to pick up 2 passengers and head towards the end. To pick someone up you have to land in the right space with a speed of 1.

Mississippi Queen Ladies

When the first boat gets to the end of a tile they roll a die, this determines where the new tile will lead…

Mississippi Queen Dice

First player to pick up two passengers and get to the dock wins.

This won the Spiel Des Jahres in 1997 and it feels like a Spiel winner as much as it feels like a 20 year old game.

It’s nice, not as relaxing as I thought it would be as you realise you’ve over done it and you need to slow down but you ran out of coal and can’t…

It’s OK.

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