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Technically not the first time I played this but the first time I played it properly.

It was in an organised play tournament.

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men is a collectible dice-building tabletop game designed by Quarriors! creators Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang.

I’ve played a fair bit of tournament Magic and average success. I always managed to finish around the middle apart from the odd freak horror/success where I under/over performed. I do enjoy Magic but the cost for a deck can far exceed the cost of a tabletop game.

Marvel Dice Masters doesn’t remove this cost but it greatly reduces it.

I’d played a couple of games before this tournament with a couple of cards and dice to get the ‘mechanics’ of the game down but I didn’t have any idea of tactics.

Marvel Dice Masters


This tournament was a constructed/sealed hybrid where we brought 2 Actions and 5 cards with max of 3 dice for each. You then have 5 boosters that you use to make up the other 3 cards. I just picked cards with interesting effects to see how they played out.

Here are the 5 cards, in order, that had the biggest effect in the 3 games I played.

5 – Human Torch ‘Flame On!’

The eventual tournament winner based his deck around this. When he is active, he deals one damage to a character or an opponent when you field another character. Combined with Power Bolt (An action that deals 2 damage to a creature or player) and defensive creatures. His deck was finely crafted 🙂

He beat be 2-0 both times thanks to this character.

4 – Hulk ‘Green Goliath’

Not only is this hulk big, but if the player, or Hulk takes damage he deals 2 damage to each of the opponents creatures. When Hulk came out I couldn’t cope with it and I have to just take his attack to get him off the table.

3 – Hawkeye ‘Longbow’

When Hawkeye is fielded he deals his attack value  in damage to an opposing character. This is bad enough but seeing as he is best used when being drawn from your bag you can recklessly attack with him after. Generally he will take out two of your guys, or kill a guy and deal 3-4 damage with an attack.

Very powerful and quite cheap

2 – Storm ‘Goddess of the Plains’

When Storm attacks, you re-roll each of your opponents characters and each roll that doesn’t roll a character again is put in the prep area. Storm is great at wiping out an opponents defensive line. Yeah they get the dice back in the next turn but for now you’re free to attack. She saved me one game when I forced my opponent to re-roll 6 Sidekick dice and they all failed to come back into play.

1 – Green Goblin ‘Goblin-Lord’

Funny how things work out. In Magic my favourite deck is ‘White Weenie’ and I play it all the time. It was the first deck I bought and the last two sets of Magic I played in Tournaments I played White Weenie decks. It basically involves playing cheap White creatures and trying to win quick before you opponent gets going.

I ‘accidentally’ played this type of game in this tournament. When Green Goblin is active he gives all of your Sidekicks +1A and +1D. So I essentially got him on the field and tried to roll as many sidekicks as possible, and it worked.

This character had a big hand in all 3 of my tournament wins so was my Dice Masters MVP for the day 🙂

Marvel Dice Masters Green Goblin Goblin Lord

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