Gameday First Play – Mafia De Cuba

Pass a box, take stuff, Wait….

…and wait, and wait, and wait.

Havana, December 29, 1955: At the end of the meal offered at his “faithful” henchmen, Don Alessandro evokes the “business” in progress. Suddenly, the phone rang in the back room of the restaurant. The Godfather is convened to the office of President Batista. He entrusted his precious cigar box to his henchmen. It must be said that the cigar box has a false bottom, under the first layer of cigars, the box is filled with diamonds!

In the evening, the Godfather recovers his cigar box. He blows a fuse when he finds the disappearance of diamonds. He must find his treasure and punish offenders by providing them cement shoes before throwing them in the bay. After heated debates and perilous deductions, The Godfather, with the help of is faithful henchmen will try to find all his stolen diamonds.

So in the box are some Diamonds and role tokens. The tokens are pretty decent poker chips which is a nice change from the cards or cardboard you usually see.

The Godfather, whoever that may be, will take some diamonds out of the box.

The box is passed clockwise… That player will ‘maybe’ put a role in a little bag (to hide it) and take something for themselves.

They pass it on with each player taking something until the box gets back to the Godfather.

Then the Godfather will ask questions to a certain player in any order such as “What was in the box when you got it?” or “How many Diamonds did you see?”.

Then the Godfather can accuse people of taking Diamonds… The point being is that the Godfather must find all the missing Diamonds before they falsely accuse too many people.

If they accuse someone they reveal what they have. If they have Diamonds that’s great, the game continues.

If not, something will happen depending on their role…

Mafia De Cuba Components

Image from Board Game Geek

The white token is loyal to the Godfather. If the Godfather accuses them, they must bribe them with a bottle of bourbon token. If they don’t have any left, the Godfather loses and the ‘un-accused’ player who had the most Diamonds wins.

The Blue tokens are CIA/FBI. If the Godfather picks one of them, they win on their own.

The Green tokens are the Driver. They win if the player to their right (their passenger) wins.

The Red token is the Cleaner, we didn’t play with it so I can’t remember what it does but I remember it sounding quite interesting 🙂

It’s an OK game but relies on the players as most hidden role games do…

You shouldn’t offer up any information if you haven’t been asked a question, but people do, they can’t help it.

Godfathers, possibly due to the game being new, spent FOREVER asking questions which dragged the game out.

Again possibly being a new game, the box was taking 4-5 minutes to pass through 6-7 pairs of hands.

That may be due to the people at the table that tried to game it, and ‘figure it out’… How dull.

Played quicker, played correctly and played for fun rather than winning, this could be a good game. Need to play it more though.

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