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Card play at the worlds worst dinner party.

Anyone at the table that sings Daft Punk will be killed.

Welcome to the J. Robert Lucky mansion…again. Once more, you and a collection of similarly evil-minded people have gathered for a seemingly innocuous dinner party. It will be an evening of stimulating conversation, quiet music, and desperate murder attempts. But this time, it’s a card game.

This is a card game of a board game I haven’t played.

Everyone has 2 face up Characters and there’s a few face up in the middle. Each character has a rank of 1 to 15 and this is purely used for turn order. So whoever has character number one gets to start, two goes next etc

Of course this means the cards in the middle of the table take a turn… For this, each player in turn order from the last player that took an action can draw a card IF the rank of the card is higher than the number of cards in your hand. Got that? Good, moving on…

On your turn you can do one of 4 things.

Draw a card. Sounds dull but cards are bloody important and like a rare commodity towards the end of the game. Also, that deck does not last long so you need to grab them while you can.

Switch one of your characters with one in the middle. There are many reasons you might do this which I’ll cover later. One I can explain right now is to manipulate turn order by grabbing a character that acts later in the round, delaying your turn and letting you see what other players are up to.

Play a card by attaching it to either one of your characters. The cards are Weapons, Motives and Opportunities and they fit into the dinner party theme and have humorous fluff text. These add ‘+1’ to your character, but one copy of each of these cards is related to a particular character so if you attach it to a matching character they are worth ‘+2’. This is another reason why you might want to switch characters, to grab one who matches cards in your hand.

Finally, you can try and Kill Dr Lucky, and this is where the fun starts. You pick a character, add up the bonuses from the Weapon, Motive and/or Opportunity attached to it then sit back and cross your fingers.

Get Lucky Game Play

The first person in the Murder wins and you succeed by having your opponents collectively being unable to stop you. In turn order, from the left of the active player, each player can discard cards to give -1 or -2 (depending on the symbol) to the attacker in an attempt to get them down to at least 0.

These minuses are temporary and are discarded after a failed attempt but some ‘Spite’ cards add a permanent ‘-1′ which stacks and can result in you wanting to change that character in later turns due to his poor form.

So back to the Murder attempt. This is where tactics and a bit of bluffing comes in. You see, you want to make sure you help in stopping the player winning, but you don’t want to lose your cards and you want to make your opponents discard as many as possible so they have fewer cards to stop your Murder attempt.

You can also just discard a motive, opportunity or weapon card that matches the murderer to stop them in one go…

This bluffing and discussion element is what makes the game fun. Some of the cards are useless in helping prevent a Murder attempt so you’ll hear a lot of “You better do as much as you can ’cause I’ve got nothing” while holding a hand full of -2 cards… he he he

It’s a good one one this. Not sure how it would work with less than Max 6 players but I’d be willing to give it a go!

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