Gameday First Play – Lost Legends

Draft random cards to fight random monsters in a random dungeon.


Lost Legends is a fantasy card game by Mike Elliott that combines a streamlined Euro game design and card drafting with an interesting fantasy theme and battle mechanic. Players take on the role of heroes trying to assemble an arsenal of equipment in order to vanquish a series of monsters that they will encounter.

You start off with a random player board (or you can pick I guess, we did, but it’s random anyway). Each player board has a couple of symbols relating to weapons for Melee, Ranged and Magical. I picked the Rouge looking character (obviously) who had ranged and melee.

Now you get assigned a random monster from a deck of random monsters. This gives you a look at the first critter you will encounter and gives you some idea of which equipment to buy this round.

Monsters will have abilities, be resistant to certain damages types and deal certain damage types back.

Then you draft equipment. Equipment has a Gold cost but you can use those symbols I mentioned earlier to reduce the cost. So the first item I drafted was a short bow that cost 1 Gold but I received a 1 Gold discount for that 1 Ranged symbol.

You can draft a card and sell it by flipping it upside down and adding it into the symbol slot on your player board, giving you more to play with and adding gold to your pot.

You have space for 3 different Weapons (Ranged, Melee, Magical), 3 Different Armour types (Helmet, Shield, Body Armour) and 2 Spaces for 3 other things which I believe were Spells and Rings and stuff.

So heading up against my first monster I was looking equipped.

Lost Legends Player Board 1

On your turn you deal damage to the Monster using one of your weapons plus abilities if you choose to use them. If you kill the monster you gain experience and treasure. The cool thing is you share treasure with the players either side of you.

If you don’t kill the monster it deals damage back to the player of a certain damage type so you need to use your Armour and abilities to reduce this loss.

The next player then takes their turn and when it comes back round to you you attack and get attacked all over again.

When you reveal a new monster you can choose to pass it to an opponent anti clockwise. If an opponent kills a monster they gain XP which is how you win but remember you share their gold so you need to balance giving them XP vs taking gold from them.

So this continues over 3 rounds. I managed to upgrade from a Short bow to a Long Bow and Long Sword. But still only had the Leather Helmet.

Lost Legends Player Board 2

So yeah, I got battered.

The game is played over three rounds with Monsters and Equipment getting more powerful. Most XP wins.

For me, it’s too random. I didn’t get any armour but it wasn’t due to be passing it up, I was never passed any in the draft phase. The back and forth with enemies during the combat phase was fine but I couldn’t survive 3 hits from an enemy for me to be able to deal it 4 to kill it.

I’ll probably need to give it another play before I write it off completely.

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